The Eastland Community Foundation

The Eastland Community Foundation

The Eastland Community Foundation offers a better way to give. You can establish a charitable fund quickly and easily, and for a fee of as little as $21 a month. And because we streamline the giving process, there’s no chasing down receipts or check stubs at tax time. Instead, you’ll get a simple statement showing how much you gave and to which organizations. Allowing you more time to focus on what’s really important.

The Eastland Community Foundation serves the eastern and southern parts of the Kansas City metropolitan area, from east of the state line, running south of Highway 435, up to the Missouri River. The area includes 12 cities and 12 school districts.

Each fund under the Community Foundation’s umbrella furthers the charitable causes that matter most to the donors who established the fund. What’s important to our donors is important to us. Sometimes donors ask the Community Foundation for advice about smart charitable investments that can leverage the greatest good for the future of our region, which is why we engage in community leadership work. Learn more about initiatives that are really making a difference in the Time to Get It Right: Staying Competitive in the New Economy report.

How can I get involved?

Organize your generosity through a personal, family or corporate fund at the Community Foundation, and you decide when and where to give. Need a tax deduction now, but unsure of exactly which charities you wish to support? No problem! Make a tax-deductible transfer of cash or stock to your fund to secure your tax deduction. Then relax and take your time deciding how you'd like to invest your charitable dollars. Get your family involved. Check out your options by researching the results your favorite organizations are achieving in the community. Build a plan for your charitable gifts in 2010 and beyond.

Get involved in a giving circle or rally your friends and family around your favorite cause and start your own! Giving circles pool smaller donations together to make larger gifts. Examples of this are the Cass County Giving Circle, which will benefit a nonprofit organization in Cass County, and the Eastland Giving Circle, which will benefit a nonprofit organization in Eastern Jackson County. Both giving circles were started by Eastland residents. Contact us to learn more or to connect with giving circles that share your interests.

Pass on the spirit of giving by purchasing a Giving Card for a birthday, holiday or any special occasion. Giving Cards are similar to retail gift cards but they are redeemed to benefit any 501(c)(3) public charity in the United States including churches, schools and synagogues. Your Giving Card purchase is tax deductible and the cards will be mailed to the address provided. Please allow three days for processing.

Help Eastland residents in need by giving to the many charities and religious organizations providing various services throughout the region. For more in-depth information, visit the Community Foundation's Nonprofit Search. Jumpstarts Healthy LifestylesEnergize Eastland. Eat Right. Live Fit

An abundance of lakes, miles of trails, acres of parkland and numerous community gardens make eating right and living fit easier in Eastern Jackson County.

More than 65 partners from local hospitals, parks departments, community gardens, school districts, cities and nonprofit organizations joined together to capture all the area’s resources on one website to help residents energize their lives. By visitng, you can find a 5K run, a healthy recipe, a trails map or health screenings nearby.

Eastland’s Healthy Lifestyles initiative grew out of a needs assessment conducted by the Eastland Community Foundation board. More than 400 people took part in the study which identified promoting healthy lifestyles as a critical community issue. As a result, the board pulled together a collaborative partnership, creating the area’s first regional trails map and most recently, this website.

The Jackson County Health Department graciously hosts on its website, with the Eastland Community Foundation providing funding for site development.

If you would like to be a part of this partnership to promote eating right and living fit, contact Debbie Starke at


1055 Broadway, Suite 130
Kansas City, MO 64105
Phone: 816-627-3435
Fax: 816-268-3235


Debbie Starke, Executive Director

Board of Directors: 
Chuck S. Cooper, III, Chair
Michael Blomberg
Nancy Bruns
Cheryl Carpenter-Davis
Carl L. Chinnery
Kim Curtis
Jonathan Freiden
Ryan Fry
Scott Fullerton
Rhonda Gilstrap
James B. Lipari
John Ludwig
Rosalie Newkirk
Dr. Emmanuel Ngomsi
Anne Pedersen
Amy Storts
Trish Walker
Honorary Directors: 
Kay A. Saunders, Past Chair
Jon Ellis
G. David Gale
Marlese Gourley
John Wisniewski